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The Quest for Labor Equality in Household Work: National Domestic Workers Union, 1965-1979

This digital archive of records from the National Domestic Workers Union (U.S.) contains legal documents, minutes, printed material and voluminous correspondence with such notables as Julian Bond, Sam Nunn, Herman Talmadge, Andrew Young, and other Georgia and national political figures. The National Domestic Workers Union was founded in Atlanta in 1968 by Dorothy Bolden to help women engaged in household work. The subject files (1967-1979) cover a myriad of topics illustrating the Union's involvement in the Black community, the Manpower Program, the Career Learning Center, the Homemaking Skills Training Program, Maids Honor Day, the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), and various federal agencies. The collection contains minutes of the Union (1968-1971, 1978), the Citizen's Advisory Committee on Transportation (1970-1972), the Citizens Neighborhood Advisory Council (1972-1978), and MARTA (1973-1975). The collection also contains financial documents (1968-1979) and files relating to Equal Opportunity Atlanta, which funded many of the Union's projects; and legal documents including agreements and contracts with Economic Opportunity Atlanta. Source Institution: Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library. Extent: 8,853 image

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